How to make money online with $0 investment

make money online

With the Internet taking over our lives more and more people are looking out for ways to earn money online and increase their income flow. People are switching their small business to online business and making big profits. If you are passionate about making money online and consistent, there are various ways you can do so.

So, here are the tips.

1. Become A Freelancer

Freelancing has always been a popular method of earning money online. Find out what you are good at and provide your service for the same to the clients. You can easily associate yourself with small or big business and complete the task required by them. Freelancing gives you the flexibility to work as per according to your own norms. You can pick your field, company, timing as well the amount you want to charge depending on the quality of your work.

2. Start A YouTube Channel

YouTube is gradually becoming one of the hottest direction of making money online. There are thousands of people in India and across the world making millions every single month through the platform. It’s not easiest of the way but the results are beyond imagination.

3. Airbnb For Extra Income

Airbnb lets you turn the spare room in your home or the entire house into extra cash. If you own a property that is hardly used by you and you are willing to rent it out, you can do so using the Airbnb. One can easily make as much as six figures a month using the service.

4. Online Tutor Jobs

If you are skilled and love the idea of sharing the information with others, this is the field for you. With the Internet becoming accessible every day, online tutor jobs are a great way to for some extra income.

Especially for the qualified housewives, online tutor jobs are a boon. It is something that could be easily done from home and doesn’t take a lot of your time. With facilities like skype, video call feature by various apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Google duo things have become easy.

5. Earn Money Through Online Selling

The revolutionization of online shopping has opened a lot of scopes not only for merchandisers but also for small sellers. If you run an offline store or handcraft goodies, you can sell the same item online. This could be done either through an online Instagram store, Facebook page or by becoming a seller on eCommerce websites.

The beauty of this strategy is that there are no overhead costs. You can create posts like these and make money from affiliate commissions.

Furthermore, there are services like Bolt, many different airlines that offer traveling miles, and coupon services in general that let you use their services for Free or cheaper, if you help them to advertise their services.

6. Virtual Assistant

Go on to the Internet right away and you’ll find thousands of openings for Virtual Assistant jobs. A virtual assistant is someone who works as an assistant but instead of being physically present, they do it online.

The services may include anything from updating website content, managing emails, scheduling of work or even a customer support executive. With the increase of Work From Home culture, the demand for a virtual assistant is rising. It is a great way for companies to save money as well as individuals to make money. Though one needs to be very careful while picking the task. Make sure you only pick the task from the legit clients.

There are dozens of portals offering work to virtual assistants. You can easily opt for as many roles as you want using some of these websites like hiremymommytasker and 123employee


So, that’s all.

We hope this post was helpful and you learned many new ways on how to make money online.

Now back to you – what’s you favorite way to earn with WWW?