Bitcoin Metals & Co is founded on the premise that digital currency is complementary to precious metals. For centuries precious metals have been accepted as a form of currency, and relied upon as a store of value. Most recently, a new form of currency has emerged; Decentralized programmable money known as digital currency. This programmable money runs on top of a protocol known as the blockchain which is democratic by nature, and offers a unique opportunity to positively transform society by eliminating fraud and corruption through the use of transparent public ledgers.

At Bitcoin Metals & Co we aspire to raise awareness and increase public acceptance of decentralized & distributed ledger technology, through the design and sales of attractive digital currency inspired jewelry and other precious metals FinTech artwork. We believe that corporations have an obligation to make a positive impact on society, and this is why we’ve committed to giving a portion of our sales back to the community, by partnering with The BitGive Foundation.

As early adopters of Bitcoin and blockchain technology, the onus is on us to nurture and support this grand experiment as it finds mainstream acceptance. Like putting on your favorite team’s jersey, wearing Bitcoin inspired jewelry, gives a sense of identity.

Bitcoin Metals & Co is an active corporation registered in the State of Florida, under document  # P14000062647